Monday, September 30, 2013


I've come to notice that some people have this ideal image in their head of the person they want to be with.  And I am not talking about personality wise.  I am talking about in the looks department.  I never really understood that.  Yes I know there are certain types of looks you can be attracted to but that doesn't mean you are going to wind up with the exact image you have in your head.  I don't like to judge based on looks alone.  Personality is what is important and that's the truth.  Looks fade. Remember that.  Attractiveness only goes so far.  If you have a shitty personality you will never be emotionally stable with anyone.

When it comes to feelings I never base it on how attractive someone is.  In fact I can point out all the outside flaws I want but still have the same feelings about the person I did after all that.  If I had an ideal image of what I wanted in a person they would have to look exactly like Justin Timberlake cause he is it for me. Lol.  We all know that's not going to happen.  And I am excited to see who comes into my life that will make me feel like he is my JT even without looking like him.  My feelings are what keep me attracted not the image.  Personality is what keeps people around.

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