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Through Sophie's Eyes: Chapters 13-15

Chapter 13

            Months went by and JD and I mended our friendship inch by inch everyday.  It was refreshing to have him back and to gain that sense of normalcy again.  I felt stronger and happier in every way. 

            I also made the decision to swear off men for a while and just have fun.  I was ready and raring to gain back my youthfulness before I turned into an old woman at my young age.  I felt more free and vibrant than ever.  Lacey was surprised to see the new me emerging.  She definitely liked it so there was no room for her to complain. 

“So what are we doing for your birthday missy?”  Lacey asked as we walked around the mall.  We decided to have a much needed shopping spree for some new gear.

“I don’t know.  Got any good ideas?”  I asked curiously.

“Hmm…Let me think.  We could do dinner.  Or we could go completely whacked out and rent a whole carnival to stick in your backyard and charge admission so you could make some big bucks as a birthday gift.  That way none of us have to bring presents because you’ll get the money to buy your own.”  She suggested outlandishly.

“Wow, interesting idea.  But number one, I don’t need gifts.  Hanging out with the people I care about is all I need for my birthday.” I patted her shoulder.  “Number two, no offense, but I’m not 7 years old.  While the idea of being a kid with no responsibilities sounds promising, being that I’m an adult, I would rather have something where I won’t be cleaning up the mess afterwards.  I also don’t think I could jam a whole carnival in my yard.”  I said.

“Oh man, I was so looking forward to the pony rides.”  She wined.  “Seriously though, we have to do something out of the ordinary.  I’m starting to get really bored with the same routine.”  She admitted. 

“I agree but what else can we really do?”  I asked curiously. 

“I don’t know but we have a while to figure it out.”  She reminded me.

“That’s true.”  I added.

As we rounded the corner I bumped right into somebody.  If it weren’t for Lacey holding onto me I would have fell right over.

“Watch where you’re going bitch!” the girl said rudely.  It was even worse when I recognized the annoying voice.  Vicki.  And she had a friend with her.

“It was an accident weirdo.  Relax.” I said oddly calm.  Considering the hell she put me through I should have punched her out, but I decided it would be in my best interest not to hurt my hand on her rock of a face.

“Yea right. You probably did it to try and hurt me because you’re just jealous.”  She accused.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me.”

“O I heard you alright but I don’t speak dumb.”  I retorted.  I also realized at that point I was allowed to bruise her ego because I didn’t have to work with her anymore. 

Vicki’s friend and Lacey seemed very quiet and really into Vicki and I exchanging words.  Although, the girl with her seemed a bit scared that we were going to start something that would need a call for security.  Lacey on the other hand was like my right hand man.  She stood there, arms crossed, loving the drama and ready to pounce if need be.

“Need I remind you that first off I’m hot and you’re not…” she started.

“Oh, real mature.  What are you 14?”  I interrupted. 

“Whatever,” she said annoyed, “Secondly, you’re just mad could I slept with your man, JD.”

I was seriously about to do that whole “oh no you didn’t thing” and have Lacey hold me back.  Funny thing was I didn’t have to, because what I heard next was all I really needed.

“Um, Vick, I thought you said JD was the one who turned you down…”  Vicki’s friend started before she could stop her.  It seemed her friend was a little flighty.  Good for me but bad for Vicki.

“Shut up Angie!” 

“Wait a minute.  Are you telling me you played it like you did and he said no?”  I asked curiously.

“Yea right.  Nobody says know to ME.  Maybe to YOU, but not to ME.”  She tried to fight the issue but it was too late.

I turned to her friend.  “Angie, is it?”

“Yes.”  She answered shyly.

“So you’re telling me that this girl, right here, didn’t sleep with JD, at all?” I asked pointing to Vicki. 

I knew Vicki was giving her the death stare.  Something told me that Angie was better than her.  She was like the shy sidekick.  I stared her down a bit because I knew she wouldn’t be able to lie under pressure.

“No they didn’t.”  She said defeated.

While Vicki started her little rant of protests at her friend I turned to Lacey with a bright smile.  She was smiling back just as bright.  I was unbelievably happy. Vicki was lying just to spite JD and me.  I should have been pissed but I couldn’t help but get over it quickly and just be happy.  JD and I got through it without the truth and it’s just an added bonus to find out he didn’t touch her.  I couldn’t wait to tell him.

Before walking off I had a few more words for the two ladies bickering in front of me.

“Well, Angie, it was very nice meeting you.  I’m glad someone here is a nice, honest person.  Don’t ever turn into a bitch like your friend here.”  I added. “Oh, and you could do a lot better in the friend department.  In fact, when you lose this floozy, give me a call and we’ll have some drinks.”

She gave me a smile and Lacey and I were off.  I heard Vicki screaming some sort of obscenities to us but just ignored it.  She was no longer something I needed to worry about. 

            When I got home I decide to save the good news for JD for another day.  I was too busy thinking long and hard about what I wanted to do for my birthday.  I just kept coming up short.  I really didn’t need to have a celebration.  It was just another year of getting older.  I tried to convince everyone I didn’t need anything special.  I opted for dinner at my place.  They all refused and said I needed to go big.  JD told me not to worry.  He, Lacey, and Jessie were going to plan it.  I didn’t know if I should be scared or excited about it.  I’m use to being in charge.  I guess for once I needed to just let it be.  I took Lacey’s advice and sat back and relaxed until the day came. 

            It was the morning of my birthday and as always I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing.  I lifted my head slightly to look at the clock next to my bed.  It was 8 o’ clock in the morning.  I was hoping to be able to sleep in since it was Saturday but of course that wasn’t going to happen.

“Hello?” I mumbled groggily.

“Hey birthday girl, time to get your boney ass out of bed.”  I heard JD’s voice through the phone.

“Leave me alone!”  I growled.

“Oh no you don’t, you have one of two options.  Either get up now, or you’re going to have to deal with me breaking into your house and dragging you out of bed.   It’s a big day and you need to get ready.”  He urged.

“Come on, JD, it’s too early in the morning.  I don’t need all day to get ready.”  I whined.

“Yea, you do.  Trust me.  In an hour Lacey will be at your door to take you to where you need to be.  Get up and shower, now please.”  He practically demanded.

“If I remember correctly it’s my birthday.  Doesn’t that mean I get to do what I want and not have to listen to you?”  I gloated.

“Let me think.  How about no?”  He laughed when he heard me groan.  “Sophie, I promise it will be worth your while.”  He said with hope in his voice.

“It better be or you are going to be in deep trouble.”  I threatened.

“That’s my girl.  Okay get up and I’ll see you later, honey.”  With that he hung up the phone.

            I lazily drug my body out of bed to get ready before Lacey came.  I knew if I didn’t, then I would have to deal with her wrath and I just wasn’t in the mood for that.  I took my shower and was ready to go just in time when Lacey showed up.  She stood at my door with a bright smile and grabbed me quickly out the door.

“I don’t know how JD does it.”  Lacey said as we drove off.

“Does what?”  I asked still a bit cranky.

“Gets you to do what he tells you especially in the early morning?”  She said.

“Oh that only happens because if I don’t do it then he gets extra annoying.  In the morning, that just doesn’t work well with me.”  I answered.

She just laughed.

            All day I was pulled in every different direction.  Lacey and I went to what she called a birthday breakfast.  After that we were off to a spa to get pampered.  She paid for everything.  No matter how much I insisted I could pay she refused me.  All and all it was a very relaxing morning.  We got massages, facials, manicures and pedicures.  Once the afternoon came we wound up meeting JD and Jessie for lunch.  We arrived at the small café around 1 o’ clock.

“Well, hello ladies.”  Jessie chimed as he greeted us with hugs.

“Hey babe.”  Lacey smiled at him.

“Hi.”  I said simply.  I left them to there make out session to go to our table.  Not too long after I sat down JD walked in and slid pass the couple to meet me.

“Hey there, sunshine!”  He said cheerfully.

“Hi.”  I responded curtly.

“Sophie, come on.  I can’t give you a birthday hug?  I brought you something.”  He smiled showing me a bouquet of flowers.  I stood up grabbed the bouquet and sat right back down.

“Thanks.”  I said simply.  I was looking at the menu and in the corner of my eye saw JD standing there with his hands on his hips.  I looked up at him and couldn’t help but laugh at his confused expression.  I got up once again and gave him a big hug.

“I knew it.”  He exclaimed. “Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you JD.”  I said genuinely.

“So, it looks like you and Lacey had a fun morning.”  He stated looking me up and down.

“Considering the early start of the day, I have to admit it wasn’t so bad after all.  But I’m still going to kick your ass if the rest of the day sucks.”  I joked.

“Haha…you love it.”  He gloated.

Finally after Lacey and Jessie took a breath from there “incredibly public display of affection” fest, they joined us at the table.  We had a nice lunch.  Everyone teased me about all of them knowing what was going on for my birthday.  They enjoyed throwing it in my face and I yelled at them all to shut up.  It was a good time all around.

            After an hour or so we were done.  Lacey and I separated from the guys for more fun filled afternoon events.  She took me to get my hair and makeup done.  I felt like a celebrity all day.  I didn’t even have to lift a finger.  After my beautification, I felt like a pretty princess. 

            Shortly after we were done with hair and makeup we went straight back to my place. 

“Ok, time for a gift!”  Lacey exclaimed.  She grabbed me and led me to my bedroom where a big box was waiting for me on my bed.

“What’s that?”  I asked slightly scared.

“Don’t worry it won’t bite.  Open it.”  She demanded.

“I’m scared.  I hope it’s nothing extravagant.  You already paid for me practically all day.”  I said modestly.

“Sophie, it’s not from me.  Plus, I didn’t pay for the whole day.  JD and Jessie contributed to you getting primped and pampered.  We split the bill.”  She smiled.

“Who’s it from?”  I asked curiously.

“It’s from JD.  Come on get too it.  I’m growing more curious every moment you stare at it.”  She bobbed on my bed anxiously.

I opened the box very slowly.  I did it mostly to get on Lacey’s nerves.  She almost jumped at the chance to help me but resisted.  I was surprised at what I saw when it was finally revealed.  It was my prom dress from senior year in high school.  I brought it back then thinking I was going to go to prom.  Of course that idea was short lived and I missed out.  It was still as beautiful as ever.  It was a bluish color with black lace trim around the waist.  It fell just below my knees and had a slight poof as it flowed down.  He probably got it from my mom because that’s where I left it all these years.  I thought for a second about why he would give it to me. 

            “Oh my gosh.  It’s so pretty.”  I heard Lacey chime.  She grabbed it from me to take a better look at it.  While she danced around I noticed a card lying in the bottom of the box.  I picked it up and read with tears welling up in my eyes.

Dear Sophia,

            I know you’re wondering why you are now holding your prom dress.   While I’m not allowed to reveal the answer, that is of course if you haven’t figured it out already, I hope that tonight it brings you great happiness and makes you feel like the beautiful woman you are.  You are my baby and always will be no matter how old you get.  Grandma and I just wanted you to know how much we love you.  We are so very proud for the wonderful person you have become and for the wonderful life you have created for yourself.  I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate with you.  There’s just so much preparing to do for the wedding.  I know you understand and I hope you have a great birthday.  I can’t wait to see you in a few days.   Have fun but not too much.  Be safe.

Love Always,

Mom and Grandma

I couldn’t help but smile.  It made me miss my family even more.  I knew my mom was busy preparing for her upcoming nuptials.  That’s why I completely understood why I couldn’t see her on the day of my birthday.  I would see her soon though and that was all that mattered.

I scanned the letter and notice another little note at the bottom.


            I know you’re probably getting all sappy with the note you just read, so forgive me for bursting your bubble a bit.  I just wanted to remind you and Lacey to be ready at 7.  As your mom mentioned before, though you may have figured it out already, I am still not giving you any details about the night that awaits you.  So please no questions, and just go with the flow.  Thank you and see you soon missy.


JD :o)

            I put the note down trying to figure out what they assumed I may have already known.  I was either a complete idiot or the answer was so obvious that it went right over my head.  I couldn’t figure it out so I just decided to get ready.  It was almost 7 anyway and I didn’t have time to think. 

            The door bell rang exactly at 7.  I was anxious to know what was going on.  Lacey ran down to answer the door since she was ready before me.  I finished my last touches to my look and went down to greet the guys. 

            On my way down the stairs I was shocked to see both men clad in tuxedos.  They looked good.  Then I also looked at Lacey for the first time.  We kind of missed out on each others outfits because we were so busy readying ourselves.  She looked gorgeous.  They all tuned to greet me and I finally realized what was going on.  Lacey’s wrist was clad with a corsage.  JD was standing in front of me smiling with a corsage in hand.

            “We’re going to prom?”  I asked excitedly.  They all just laughed at my excitement.   JD placed the corsage on my wrist.

“Its time to find out what you missed my dear.”  He said.

            The doorbell rang once again so I answered it quickly.  I almost cried when I saw my mom standing at my door holding a camera.  I quickly hugged her.

“I thought you couldn’t come?” I asked happily.

“Change of plans.  I’m only here for a little while because I couldn’t miss taking prom pictures.”  She explained. “You look gorgeous.”  She put her hand to my face softly.

We took lots of pictures.  My mom was really excited and went overboard but I wouldn’t have her any other way.  After about 10 minutes we were done and saying our goodbyes to her.  I was so glad she got to visit me for my birthday even though it was only for a short time. 

            When we were on our way out I noticed a limo in front of my house.  JD really pulled out all the stops for this one.  I felt like I was back in high school again.  At the end of the night I could actually say I went to my high school prom. 

            As we rode off I wondered where exactly we were going for this prom extravaganza.  It wasn’t long before the place came into vision.  We were actually going back to our old High school.  Time was really turning back.  I couldn’t wait to have the time of my life at prom with my friends. 

            We all walked in and I felt like a teenager.  Everyone there was dancing and having a great time.  The place looked beautiful.  We even got to take the professional prom picture they have at the door.  I was surprised when we had our own table to sit at.

“We have our own table?  What did you do JD?  Pay off the principal?”  I joked.

“Let’s just say I have my connections and I was going to make your first prom experience perfect.”  He said with a grin.

Not long after that we were all up dancing and partying.  It was weird to be the oldest “students” there.  It was also interesting having high school students hitting on both Lacey and I.  They came up to us when JD and Jessie ran off somewhere for a bit.  I guess they liked older woman or we looked like teenagers.  We had fun though toying with them and then turning them down.  We felt bad afterwards but what are you going to do.  They were young and could easily bounce back.

            Lacey and I were sitting at our table chatting it up.   Suddenly the music stopped and I heard an all too familiar voice on the microphone.  I turned to see JD by the DJ.

“Hey everybody.  You all having a good time?”  He asked.  Screams erupted over the young crowd.  Lacey and I couldn’t help but stand up and join in.  After the crowd died down he continued.  “I’m glad everyone’s enjoying themselves.  I just wanted to point out that today is a very special day.  Not only is it your prom but it’s my best friend’s birthday.  So I just wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday and dedicate this next song to her.  Plus I was hoping she would dance with me for this one.” He added.

My face must have been so red.  I wanted to hurt him at that moment but I also thought it was so sweet.  The slow tune came through the speakers as he walked toward me.  I heard some girls in the crowd making mushy comments.  There were “awws”, “ooo’s”, “he’s hot”, and “she’s so lucky.”  I laughed as he approached me.

“May I have this dance?”  He asked politely.

“Of course.”  I answered happily.

I was led to the dance floor by the most perfect date I ever had.  My prom experience couldn’t have been more perfect.

“I need to tell you something” I started.

“What that?” JD asked raising an eyebrow.

“Well, when Lacey and I were at the mall one day guess who we ran into.”



His face grew worried.  “Do we have to bring her up right now?”

“Just here me out, ok?”

He nodded.

“So we ran into her.  Well I literally bumped right into her.  You know how I do.  Anyway we got into a little verbal tiff and I found out something that I thought was very interesting.”  I paused.

“Well, what is it?”  He asked impatiently.

“She had a friend with her who accidentally spilled some beans.”  I paused again.


“And what?”  I played dumb.

“Sophie…”  He was getting a bit perturbed.

“Alright, alright. I just wanted to make sure you were listening.” I joked. “Anyway so her friend confessed right in front of us that you and Vicki didn’t actually sleep together.”

I smiled happily.

He stood there with his mouth gaping. “No way!”

“Yes way.”

“Oh man, that’s a relief.  After that night I was taking mad showers to get her off of me.  Now I know I’m officially clean.” 

He gave me a nice quick hug in a minnie celebration.

“Unbelievable.”  He added.

“You must have been really drunk that night.”  I told him.

“Yeah.  I was having bit of a rough time.” He confessed shyly.

My heart panged a little to see a tiny bit of shame on his face from our rough patch. 

“It’s all good now so no worries.” I reassured him.

He just smiled at me.  After a minute of silence he spoke up again.

“This is a bit random but I have a confession to make.”  JD said looking in my eyes.

“What’s that?”  I asked.

He took a breath before answering.  “You know back in high school when I went to prom and told you how great of a time I had?”

“Yeah.”  I looked at him curiously..

“Well that wasn’t completely true.  I know I should have told you but I didn’t want you to feel bad.”  He confessed.

“What do you mean?”  I asked curiously.

“I tried to have a good time but I couldn’t.  I don’t know why but it just felt wrong without you there with me.  All night I hoped you would change your mind but you didn’t.  I was disappointed.  I felt like I should have put more effort in convincing you to come.  I actually wound up just leaving early that night.”  He explained.

“Don’t beat yourself up JD.  You know how stubborn I am.  I’m sorry I wasn’t there.  You should have told me you weren’t having a good time.  Maybe that would have convinced me.”  I said smiling.

He looked sad.  “Sophie, I know you wouldn’t have gone anyway.  If you did you probably wouldn’t have had a good time either because of that stupid jerk that broke your heart.  I understood and I didn’t want to push you anymore than I already did.” He said.

“JD, I think that I was stupid not to go.  If I did go I probably would have been moping a little.  But I also probably would have still had a good time.  You know why?”  I questioned.

“Why?”  He asked.

“Because I would have had you with me.  You always knew how to make me feel like I was important.  You always made me feel better when I was upset because you knew the right things to say.  You make me happy.  Now I see that more than ever.  I’m sorry I missed out back then.  But we’re here now and you have made this prom perfect.”  I confessed.  A bright smile crept on his face.

“So you’re having a good time?”  He asked.

“I’m having the best time.”  I answered.

“Good.”  He said.  As the song was slowly coming to an end we just looked in each other eyes and took everything in.  It was one of the best experiences of my life that will be permanently etched in my mind.

After the Prom, the four of us went to JD’s place.  We all decided to stay there for the night.  Lacey and I changed into some pajamas as we talked about how great the night was.  When we met JD and Jessie in the kitchen there was a nice birthday cake waiting for me.  It was a nice ending to my birthday that is until Lacey decided to ‘surprise’ me.

“Remember that time at work when you accidentally spit water in my face?”  Lacey grinned evilly.

“Yea.” I replied nervously.

Without another word Lacey smashed her piece of cake right in my face.  I should have known.  Everyone just busted out laughing and soon it turned into a full fledged cake fight.  It made a huge mess but I had a blast.

Chapter 14

            My mom’s wedding day was approaching fast.  Before I knew it the rehearsal dinner came.  My mom insisted I invited all of my friends to join in the festivities.  She also invited JD’s family so it was going to be nice seeing them too. 

Jessie picked Lacey and I up from my place and we were headed to get JD.  When we got to his place JD was finishing up getting ready.

“Sorry, I’m almost ready.  Just give me a few.”  He said to us as he ran to his room.  It wasn’t like JD to not be ready on time but there was a first time for everything.

            Lacey and Jessie made themselves comfortable on his couch.  I was too antsy to sit down so I just roamed around the room.  I thought about my mom and all that she had been through.  I was so glad to know that she met someone who made her so happy.   He was a great man and I most definitely approved.

            Through my thoughts, as I roamed around the living room, I noticed JD’s laptop on his desk slightly opened.  My curiosity got the best of me, so I sat in front of it and lift the screen a little.   Maybe he was writing a message for my mom for the wedding.  He was always good with words.  As I peeked at it I saw a glimpse of my name.  I didn’t plan on reading it fully but I was already half way there.  My eyes widened at the words in front of me.

To Sophie,

I’ve always been good with words or so you think.  This time is very different.  So instead of trying to tell you in person I thought writing this would help first.  I know this may shock you but I’ve been hiding what I’m about to tell you for quite a while. 

Ever since the first day I met you in 3rd grade, I knew there was something special about you.  I know at that age it seems a bit weird for a boy to be so drawn to a girl but you know how I roll.  I just loved that you loved the ninja turtles as much as I did.  When I saw you in that costume that Halloween I thought it was so cool that a girl would be into them.  I loved that you liked to play in the dirt.  I also loved how tough you were with all the other boys.  I just loved being around you.  That’s all I knew. 

As we got older and puberty hit that became a whole different ball game.   I had this deep feeling in the pit of my stomach that I couldn’t explain.  We were friends for so long I didn’t think it was anything.  I couldn’t figure out what feelings were emerging from me when it came to you.  In high school I just put it to the back of my mind.  Even so my mind was still reeling.  I hated every guy you went out with.  I had this great need to protect you from them all of the time.  Looking back at it I knew that it was jealously. 

Graduation came around.  I didn’t really admit it then but I was scared.  I wasn’t scared of the future.  I mean yes that probably added to it but I was mostly scared of losing you.  We were off to different schools.  We would meet new people and date new people.  You might fall hopelessly in love with someone else and I would be left in the dark.  I could have lost you forever and I really don’t think I could have survived without you if that was the case.  You were all I ever wanted.

 When we lost touch somehow along the way I felt like I had lost the most precious thing in my life.  I thought you hated me for that.  I was so nervous when we ran into each other after so long,  I had to stop myself from running away.  I’m grateful for that day though.  When you let me back into your life no questions asked I was relieved.  I didn’t have anymore fears because you were there and I wasn’t going to lose you again.

 Then the new guy came.  I saw how you too were together and it killed me inside.  But I knew that as long as you were happy and he treated you like the great person you are then I would have to accept that.  When I saw him with that other girl I fought every part of my being to not go over to him and beat the crap out of him. 

Then the kiss happened.  I knew it was wrong and you were drunk.  I know I shouldn’t have let it happen but when I felt your lips on mine I couldn’t help the electricity that shot through me.  That kiss verified all of my feelings in one moment and it made me want you more.  I also knew it wasn’t you wanting to kiss me.  It was just something you would barely remember the next day.  I don’t even want to mention our huge fight and not seeing each other for a while after that.  That was really hard because that was what I was always afraid of.

The point is I have been in agony trying to figure out how to tell you this.  I still don’t know how to say it so I’m just going to let it out.  Sophia Mckenzie, I am completely head over heals in love with you.  I have always loved you since the first day I laid eyes on you and I always will.  

I stared at that screen for what seemed like an eternity.  My heart was beating out of my chest.  I didn’t know what to do or say.  I just closed the computer and paced back and forth until JD emerged so we could all leave.

The hour ride to the rehearsal dinner was painfully quiet. At least it was for me.  Everybody else was talking up a storm.  I just blocked them all out because my thoughts were practically screaming in my head. 

JD was in love with me.  My best friend had completely unfriendly-like feelings toward me.  Why didn’t he tell me sooner?  I could have totally avoided all the jerks I wasted my valuable time with.  Wait a minute.  I didn’t know what I was saying.  It was like I was saying that I felt the same way about him.  Did I feel the same way about him?  It’s JD.  I’ve known him forever.  We’ve been through hell and back together.  We shared pudding cups and had dirt fights together. What’s going on?

“Hey Soph, you okay?”  JD interrupted my thoughts.  I looked at him nervously.

“Um, yea, yea, I…I’m fine.”  I stuttered looking away quickly.

“Pre wedding jitters?”  He asked patting my knee.  I stared at his hand for a second.

“What? No, I’m not getting married.”  I said without thinking.

“Whoa tiger, relax I didn’t say it was your wedding.  You sure you’re ok?”  He repeated.

I took a deep breath.  “Yea, don’t worry about it.  I’m just a bit nervous like you said.”

He hesitated but decided to let it go for now.

The only reason for my nervousness was him but I couldn’t tell him that.  My thoughts wondered again as I stared out the window.  I thought about JD and all that he’s done for me all these years.  He’s been there for me every step of the way through good times and bad.  My denial finally started to dissipate.  The realization hit me like a bolt of lightning.  I was in love with him too.  He was the best guy I know.  He was sweet, funny, generous, loving, and not to mention beautiful inside and out.  He loved me for me.  He was loyal and honest.  He was the only man I could ever trust.  He was my perfect man. 

            It was scary to think about.  I had my doubts about starting a relationship with him.  What if it didn’t work out?  Then our friendship would be completely lost.  I would lose him completely.  Then again maybe it would work out.  Maybe he was the one I should have been with all along.  Those thoughts ate at me the whole ride.  The only thing I figured out was that I had to talk to Lacey.

            We got to the dinner and mixed and mingled as usual.  My mom was glowing along with her future husband.  It made me smile.  We had a great time with my family.  Everyone could feel the excitement in the room for the wedding to come. 

            “My love!”  I heard someone yell from across the room.

            JD’s family had arrived.  Sam was the first one to reach me.

            “Wow, look at you kid.  All grown up.”  I said as I tousled his hair.

            “I missed you sexy!”  He exclaimed as he gave me a huge hug.

            The kid definitely grew up.  He was much taller than I remembered and towered over me.  He turned into a handsome kid.  No wonder he was such a ladies man.  The girls probably loved him just like his older brother.

            Through my thoughts I realized Sam still had a hold on me.

            “Um, Sam, as much as it’s great to see you, I need to be able to breath eventually.”  I informed him.

            “Oh, sorry, Sophie.  It’s good to see you.  You still look good for an older woman.”  He winked at me.

            “Thanks.  You’re not so bad for a younger man.” I retorted.

            “Really?”  He asked innocently.

            “Yea but it would still never work out between us. Sorry.” 

            He just laughed.  “I know. A guy could dream though.  Besides I know my bro’s got dibs so.”  With that comment he left me to go say hi to everyone else. 

            I guess everyone knew the situation between me and JD before I did.  That was a bit sad.

            We had a break from eating so I took that time to grab Lacey away.  The only place I could think of was to go talk in the ladies room.

“We need to talk.”  I said a little breathless.

“Well, that wasn’t obvious by the sudden rush to the bathroom.” She mentioned sarcastically.  “Are you trying to kill me?  I think we both need to get in better shape.” She also struggled to catch her breath.

“Sorry but this is extremely important.” I said.  Lacey sat on the counter by the sink while I paced back and forth. 

“Pacing back and forth is important?  You’re going to start making permanent marks on the floor there if you don’t relax.”  She stated.  I stopped in my tracks and looked at her nervously.  She raised an eyebrow. 

“When we were at JD’s, I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see.”  I started.

“Oh my goodness, tell me you walked in on him naked.  That’s priceless.”  She joked.

“Lacey, I didn’t see him naked.”  I interrupted.

“Oh.” She said disappointed. “That’s no fun.”

“There was this letter on his laptop.  It was about me.  Well, it was to me.”  I explained.

“What did it say?”  She asked curiously.

“It pretty much said that he has feeling for me.”  I hesitated.

“And?”  She urged.

“And what?”  I asked confused.

“Sophie, it’s obvious he has feelings for you.  In fact I’m surprised you didn’t notice.  You’re supposed to be the smart one.”  She added.

“You knew this whole time and you didn’t tell me?”  I was shocked.

“Look, I told you from the very beginning I thought something was going on between you two.  You were in complete denial.  Besides it wasn’t my place to tell you he had a thing for you.  He would tell you when he’s ready but looks like you ruined it for him.”  She explained.

“Lacey, I don’t need a lecture.  I just wanted your advice to how and go about telling my best friend that I not only read that thing but that I’m in love with him too.”  I confessed.

She got off the counter and looked at me with wide eyes.  Soon after that a smile grew on her face. “It’s about damn time!”  She exclaimed excitedly.  I almost ducked out of the way from her excitement.  She just hugged me and jumped up and down like a school girl.

“Calm down girl.  You’re going to give me a headache.  Was it really that obvious?”  I said holding my head.

“Hell yea girl.  From an outsiders perspective I would say it’s been a long time coming.  I don’t know how it was when I didn’t know you two but when you guys ran into each other after so many years you could see the chemistry instantly.  It radiated out of the both you. It was just a matter of time before you admitted it.  Major denial was what it was.”  She explained.


“Yep so when are you going to tell him?”  She asked.

“I don’t know.  I don’t even know how to.” I admitted.

“You know he feels the same way so just do it.  Let the words flow.”  She said.

“It’s not that easy.  We’re talking about years of friendship here.  I don’t know if I’m willing to take that chance.  What if it doesn’t work out?”  I babbled nervously.

“Get a hold of yourself woman.”  Lacey said shaking me. “It’s better to take the risk than to live the rest of your life thinking what could have been.” She looked at me knowingly.

“I’m scared.” I whispered with tears welling up in my eyes.

“I know you are, honey.  I promise you that everything will work out for the best.  Just follow your heart.”  She looked at me with great hope in her eyes.

“How could you be so sure about this?”

“Because I know how real it is.  I see it.  Take a deeper look and you’ll see it to.”

Lacey always had good instincts so it was hard not to believe in what she said.  I had to tell him eventually.

“Look, let’s not worry bout it now.  You have plenty of time to figure it out and I will be there for you however you decide.  Now, we should get back to dinner before people suspect something.”  She wiggled her eyebrows at me to make me laugh.  I giggle through my watery eyes and we headed back out to the party.

I thought about what I was going to do all night.  There was no easy way to tell JD everything I was thinking.  I was scared he would be mad because I snooped but I was also scared because of the feelings involved with it.  I knew I had to talk to him though. 

            I tried my best for the rest of the rehearsal dinner to act as normal as possible.  It was a great dinner and I was excited for the wedding.

We left and were on our way to drop JD home.

“Hey JD, do you mind if I hang by you for a little bit and you could take me home later?”  I asked him.

“Sure.”  He said with a smile.

I caught a glimpse of Lacey in the rearview mirror.  She winked at me.  I just gave her a goofy look. 

Before we arrived at JD’s place it started raining.  We got there earlier than I thought.  I was even more nervous because of what might have happened when we were alone.   We ran inside to avoid as much of the rain as possible.  When we got inside we hung our coats and I made my way to the living room.  I sat on the couch to relax and get my nerves down.

“What do you say I make us some coffee?”  JD asked as he leaned over the back of the couch behind me.

“Sounds good.”  I smirked.  I put the TV on to keep myself occupied while he made the coffee.  I clicked through the channels nervously.  I decided to just put on a cartoon.  You can’t go wrong with cartoons. 

            JD came back 10 minutes later with coffee in hand. 

“Are you serious?  Cartoons?”  He groaned.

“There’s nothing wrong with a little animation.”  I pointed out.

“I’m beginning to think you’re a lot younger than everyone thinks.”  He joked.

“Shh…just watch.”  I told him.

Some music started playing from the TV.  I don’t know what came over me but I was trying to do everything to avoid the subject at hand.  I wound up standing up and singing and dancing along to the song.  I figured making a fool out myself at that point would make it easier for later.  I did every goofy old school dance I could think of.  JD just laughed until he was blue in the face. 

“You’re crazy you know that?”  He said through his laughter.

“Thank you!”  I said bowing.  We just both laughed and I fell back to my place in the couch.  I turned to him to finally do what I went by him to do.

“I have to tell you something. When we were all here earlier I did something kind of bad.”  I admitted.

“What did you do?” He asked furrowing his eyebrows.

“Um, your… your lap top was open a little and my curiosity took over.  I know it was wrong and totally an invasion of your privacy but…” I looked at the floor.

“What did you see?”  He asked clearing his throat.  

“Probably something I shouldn’t have.”  I swallowed hard.  “I know you’re probably mad but I just want you to know that…that I’m sorry.  And you don’t have to be scared to talk to me about it.  I…I…”  I couldn’t get the right words out.

“Um…”  I felt him move uneasily next to me. “Sophie, I…” he seemed to be having the same problem I did.

“You don’t have to say anything.”  I started as I looked at him.  We locked eyes and I just had to let it out. “I love you.  When I saw that letter I wracked my brain to find some semblance of understanding in the situation.  The truth is I have been in complete denial this whole time.  It was mostly because I was scared to lose what we have now but I can’t deny the way I feel anymore.”  I confessed.

He stood there completely quiet.  I had no idea what else to do.  He just sat there like he couldn’t move.  My heart was falling deeper and deeper into my chest as the silence went on.  I couldn’t sit there any longer.  I walked over to the window to watch the rain outside.  After a minute I heard him make his way next to me.  Before he could say a word I chimed in first.

“Remember when we were 10 and you came over my house for dinner?  I remember it was pouring rain outside kind of like it is now.  We were both staring out the window and you asked me if I ever played in the rain before.  I said no.  And you said that you played in the rain once and it was a lot of fun.  And I was like your lying, your mom would have freaked out.  Then you admitted you really didn’t but you thought it would be cool.  So I was like then let’s do it.  You said I was crazy and that you didn’t want to get in trouble.  I told you not to be such a wuss.  Then you said why you don’t do it, if you do it I will too. Then you dared me to and you know how that goes.  That was the kicker for me.  I ran out that door as fast I could into the pouring rain.  I remember seeing your face in the window.  You didn’t think I would do it and you had this shocked look on your face.  I just laughed.  Then finally you started laughing too and ran right out after me.  We had to be out there probably about 20 minutes or so.  It felt so freeing to do that and we didn’t have a care in the world.  It was totally worth getting in trouble for.  We were both sick for two days but again totally worth it.”  I explained.

“I remember.”  He whispered.

I turned to him and gave him a big smile. I headed out the door into the pouring rain.  It felt like I was reliving that rainy day.  I was outside and saw JD in the window with his mouth gaped open.  I laughed and he laughed.  Then he came out after me and we were running around in the rain.  I felt as free as I did when I was a kid. 

            Suddenly, in the midst of it all JD stopped in his tracks.  He looked me straight in the eyes.  Without a word he closed the gap between us.  It felt like he kissed me with every part of his being.  It was the most passionate kiss I ever had in my entire life.  I didn’t want it to end.  I lost myself in it. 

I completely forgot we were outside on his front lawn in the rain practically ravaging each other.  We just couldn’t stop.  Before I knew it we made our way to his front door and inside the house with our lips locked together.  My back was up against the front door when we got inside.  He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waste.  We made our way clumsily to his bedroom dripping wet.  When we got there we both started ridding ourselves of the wet clothes. 

I never felt anything like I did that night.  JD was the one I wanted all along.  It just felt right to be in his arms.  Every inch of my being was full of sweet passion and most of all love.   He was the only man I ever needed.  I felt complete.

Chapter 15

            It never felt more right waking up next to the man holding me in his arms at that very moment.  I felt warm and I felt safe.  For the first time in my life I had never been so sure about anything.  This was the man I was supposed to be with.

            I could have stayed there forever just looking into his eyes.  Unfortunately that thought was short lived because we had a wedding to get ready for.

            “I have to go.”  I whispered to JD.

            “I know.”  He answered as he pushed my hair away from my face.

            We leaned into each other for a quick kiss.  It lasted a little longer than anticipated.  I would have let it go on but I would be in deep trouble if I was late for my own mother’s wedding.

            I struggled out of his embrace, laughing at the sad look on his face as I got dressed.  I ran into the bathroom to fix myself up quick.  Plus, I wanted to avoid JD at all costs because I wanted to resist the urge to stay in bed with him all day.

            I walked back into the bedroom and was surprised to see the room was empty.  It seemed he was actually going to be sensible and let me leave on time.

I walked out of the room but before I got a part of the way out I got ran into and pushed back.  His lips quickly took over mine as we faltered back into the room almost falling to the floor.  I couldn’t help but giggle with every stumble. 

            “JD,” I said trying to speak through our crushed lips, “I….have….to….go.” 

            He stopped abruptly and looked at me slightly disappointed.  He let me go with a big smile on his face.  It looked quite awkward. 

            “Then you better go before I decide to kidnap you for the rest of the day.”  He mentioned.

            My eyes widened at the thought.  I decided to do what he said before I “accidentally” took him up on the offer. 

I gave him a quick kiss goodbye and almost sprinted out the door.  As I made my way to the driveway the realization hit me.  I didn’t have my car and JD was supposed to bring me home last night.  I took a deep breath and went back to the door and rang the door bell.  Before I knew it, JD was coming out fully dressed and grabbed me quickly to head to his car.  He must have realized the same thing I did.

            The ride was quiet and quick.  We didn’t want to say anything.  We just sat there and smiled to ourselves.  When we got to my place we stood in the car for what seemed like an hour even though it was only a few minutes.  We looked over to each other and I swore JD’s eyes were sparkling.  Just call me corny.

            “So, I’ll see you at the wedding.”  He said.

            “Yea.”  I responded.

            He leaned in for a kiss and I met him half way.  I was on cloud nine.  Once I got out of the car I felt like I practically floated to my door. 

            I couldn’t believe the turn my life had taken.  Who would have thought that I would fall for my best friend?  This whole time he was right in front of me and it took me this long to realize he was the guy for me.

            As I was getting ready for my mom’s wedding JD was all I could think about.  I couldn’t wait to see him again later.  I felt like a giddy school girl every time I thought about him.  It’s sick I know and I had to stop the madness.  I was a grown woman.  Oh well.

            After I got ready I was on my way to pick up Lacey.  My mother insisted on both of us being bridesmaids.  She really didn’t have anyone else she wanted to be in the wedding other then JD’s mom.  So we had to meet at my mother’s house to take the ride in the limo to where the wedding was.  I knew as soon as Lacey entered the car she was going to bombard me with questions that I really didn’t want to answer.  I was too giddy to want to talk much.  As I pulled up to her place I prepared myself.  She got into the car eerily calm. 

“Hey.”  I spoke first.

“Hey.  You look really nice.”  She complimented.

“Thanks.  You do too.” 

            Silence filled the car as I drove.

“So…are you excited for the wedding?”  Lacey asked.

“Yea, I can’t believe my mom is getting married.  I’m so happy for her.  After everything she’s been through with my dad, I’m glad she finally found a great guy to come home to.”  I responded proudly.

“Yea, it’s so nice to be in love. Isn’t it?”  Her tone was unrecognizable.

“Um…yea.”  I said simply.

“You know, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.  It just makes you want to shout it from the roof tops.  You can’t help but smile all the time when you think of that special person.  You think about them 24/7.  It’s great!”

“Lacey, you’re scaring me.”  I had never in my life heard her speak like that before.  She was talking all sappy-like.  She’s not one to get so…I don’t know, lovey dovey.

“Why?”  She asked curiously.

“You’re speaking like you’re in love. I have never heard you talk like that before.”

“So.”  She shrugged her shoulders.

“So?” I started to complain. “So…wait a minute.  Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Well, it depends on what you think I’m saying.”  She smiled.

“Oh my goodness, you’re in love.” 

“Maybe.”  She confessed.

“Lacey, you know what this means right?”  I asked.


“You are officially a one man woman.” 

“I guess I am.”  She said without hesitation.

“Awwwww.”  I over-exaggerated.

“Alright enough.”  She couldn’t help but giggle.

“So, I’m guessing this was all established last night?”  I asked curiously.


“Well, are you going to tell me about it?” I urged.


“Why not?” 

“Well,” she started. “I figured we could take turns.  Ya know, you confess something about last night to me and then I will confess something to you.   So it’s give and take.  I know you didn’t think I forgot.  I also know that you wouldn’t go down without a fight.  So let’s see how curious you really are about what happened with me and Jessie.”  She explained.

I knew she had something up her sleeve.  Two could play at that game.

“I’m really not that curious.”  I said uninterested.

“Ok.”  She said simply.

            The silence in the car was actually quite soothing for me.  I’m use to hearing her talk through just about anything.  It was a nice change of pace.  What she had forgotten to realize was that I was better at the silent game than she was.  We were half way to our destination and I knew soon she would crack.  Her curiosity tended to get the best of her and I know it was eating at her to tell the details of her story just as much as she wanted to know mine.

            I looked over a Lacey quickly.  She was bopping her leg nervously.  That meant it was getting to her and she was about to spill the beans.  I knew her too well.

“Ok, fine!”  She said rudely interrupting the silence.  I had to laugh to myself as she started her story.  “So, Jessie and I wound up going back to his place last night.  I really didn’t feel like going home especially knowing what may have been going on with you.  I was too excited.  Anyway, you can tell me about that one later.  So we went to his place and just kind of chilled out.  We were watching this movie.  I forget what it was called but it was a sappy one.  So we got into this serious conversation.  You know how I am with those serious things.  I can’t keep it up too long without making a joke.  So what was strange to me was we’re talking all serious and that was it.  No jokes out of my mouth at all.  I got to thinking ya know maybe I’m really into this guy.  I’ve never felt the way I feel when I’m with him about anybody.  So, stupid me I blurted out those crazy but oh so lovely words to him.  He was quiet for a minute and I thought I totally blew it.  Then he started to smile at me and he said them back.  It was so amazing.  Then one thing led to another and it was all good and great and I’m in love. Ha!”  She confessed.  I silently drove down the road reaching our destination.  “Well, aren’t you going to say anything?”  Lacey asked me through the silence. 

I parked the car and looked over to her.  “I’m so completely happy and excited for you.  I knew this day would eventually come.”  I smirked at her.

“Haha, very funny.”  She laughed.

            We got out of the car and she hopped over to me to give me a huge hug.

“Did I mention how awesome of a best friend you are for not only introducing me to that hunk of a man I’m head over heals for but for just being my friend.  I love you.”  She said with a twinge of sarcasm with her arm around my shoulder.

“Nice try.  I’m not confessing anything right now.”  I told her.

“Oh come one Soph, please? I want to know what happened.  From the look on your face it had to be a good thing.”  She winked at me.

“Later.” I whispered to her as we walked into my mother’s house.

            We walked into what looked like a mad house.  People were running all over the place.  I had no idea who they were.  Everyone was talking very loudly they were practically screaming.  All I knew at that point was I had to find my mom.  I grabbed Lacey and we went to find her.  When I got up the stairs I ran into my grandmother and JD’s mom, Sarah.

“Gram, what’s going on?”  I asked hugging her.

“Oh, honey, it’s a wedding and there’s always chaos before hand.”  She laughed.

“Where’s mom?” 

“She’s a little on edge so beware.”  Sarah warned me.  “She’s in her room.” She pointed to my mom’s room.

“Lace, stay with gram will ya?”  I ran off to see my mom’s room.

I got to her room and knocked on the door. “Mom?”

“Sophie?  Come in.”  As soon as I got in the room she jumped up to hug me.

“Is everything ok?  Why are you not dressed?”  I asked curiously.

“Oh, everything is fine. I think.  There was just a little mishap with all the bouquets.  I’m freaking out a little.”  She confessed as she paced back and forth.  I grabbed her by the shoulders to stop her pacing.

“Mom, it’s going to be ok.  You just need to get your dress on cause the limo is going to be here any minute.  Don’t worry about the flowers.  It’s all going to be ok, I promise.  Just breathe.”

She took a few deep breathes and then finally decided to finish getting ready.

“I’ll be back in a few.”  I said as I made my way into the hall.

            I ran downstairs to make sure whatever the problem was that it got fixed quickly.  My mom was on edge and I didn’t want her to stress about anything.  Today was her day and it was going to be perfect. 

            After a few conversations with the florist everything was fine.  The limo had arrived and I had hoped my mother was ready for this.  I went back to her room and she was finally all set to go.  She looked beautiful.  I almost cried at the sight.  To see her happy was all I ever wanted for her and it was all happening.

            We all made our may out the door and into the limo.  We got to our destination fashionably late as any bride was allowed to be.  The ceremony quickly began.

I always loved weddings.  There’s something so beautiful about them.  Not only does the actual scene around you look beautiful but the mere fact that two people are dedicating their lives to one another makes it even more amazing.

            Before I knew it, it was time for me to make my way down the isle.  I was a little nervous to have all those people watching me but as soon as I caught a glimpse of JD my nervousness subsided.  He had a goofy smile on his face when he looked at me.  I couldn’t help but smile back at him.  He always made me feel a little better with his mere presence. 

            With everything we had been through it was unbelievable to me where we ended up.  Together.  A couple.  Two best friends.  As I made my way to the side of the alter I noticed how damn good JD looked in his suit.  My stomach did a little flip flop at the sight of him.  I was definitely a lucky girl to snag a man like him.  I’ll still never fully understand why he had picked me.  Out of all the girls he could have had he chose me.  I decided to quit questioning it because we were happy and that’s all that mattered.

            It was time for my mom to make her way down the isle.  She looked beautiful.  Words could not describe how happy I was for her.  She was a wonderful woman and deserved all the happiness in the world.  She finally found a man worthy to take a chance on life with.

            The ceremony went down without a hitch.  It was beautiful.  My mom and Larry were finally married.  They both had smiles from ear to ear.  It was a great picture.  They both were met with congratulations and cheers as they made there way out to go to the reception that followed.

            After all the introductions of the wedding party and the new bride and groom, we were finally free to enjoy the celebration. It seemed like there were so many people at the reception.  It was odd considering it was a small wedding.  I felt a little lost in the crowd.  Lacey and I held each others hands as we made our way through.  We were trying to find our men but it was hard.  Every time I thought we were getting somewhere a person would stop and congratulate me on my mom getting married.  Also Larry’s family would introduce themselves.  It was a little hectic.  Eventually we gave up and figured we would run into then at some point. If you can’t beat them join them, right? Lacey and I wound up on the dance floor for a while. 

            It seemed the guys found their way to us because not long after we saw them heading through the crowd over to us.

            JD came right up to me and picked me and twirled me around. “You look gorgeous.” He whispered in my ear.

            “Thanks.  You look hot.”  I smiled.

            He wiggled his eyebrows.

            “Dance with me!”  He demanded.

            “Uh we’re already dancing.”  He was definitely a strange one.

            “Well, so we are.”

            It felt like we were the only people in the room dancing.  Everything around us just disappeared for a while.  Nothing could ever replace that moment.  I was dancing with the man of my dreams. 

            I looked over JD’s shoulder to see Lacey in the same state I was in.  We looked at each other with big smiles with great understanding.  I knew she still wanted my story but that was going o have to wait.

            I moved my attention back to JD as we danced the night away.

            “I love you, Sophie.” 

            “I love you too, JD.”

The End......


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