Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Mind

The mind is a terrible thing.  I have been doing a lot of reading on unconsciousness.  It seems as though our mind is more aware when we are unconscious than when we are conscious.  When our body is at rest the mind takes over.  You ever wonder what our minds are capable of?  We dream. We think. We function.  We live. We love. I don't know.  Some people think reality is the dream.  That we are all just figment of the imagination.  No one will ever know. Did you know that the brain and the mind are 2 different things? The brain is just a vessel.  It's a part of the body.  You can physically see it or touch it sometimes. Whereas the mind is not seen.  It's transparent.  You can't physically touch your mind.  The mind inhabits the brain.  But where does the mind go when the brain no longer shelters it?  Question everything.  Broaden your knowledge.  Expand the mind.  Know that there is more to what we see everyday.  Be open to the experience.

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