Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Through Sophie's Eyes: Chapter 2

Chapter 2


            It was May 30th.  Today was the infamous Senior Prom.  Every teenage girl in their right mind dreamed of this day.  We all get primped and pampered to look our very best for the night to come.  This was the night where every girl became a princess.  Apparently I was not in my right mind because I was probably the only senior girl not going.  I would have liked to go but due to certain circumstances it was not for me at that point. 

            My boyfriend of two years decided to dump me half way through our senior year.  He left me for a prettier, dizzier girl.  Well I guess they were meant for each other because he was not all that bright either.  They were going to prom together, so I really did not feel like revisiting that aspect of my high school life.  That was why I chose to skip out on prom.

            My mom fought with me day and night about it.  She droned on and on about how I would regret it if I did not go.  Still that day as I was leaving the house she hammered it in my head.

“I still don’t understand why you would skip out on prom.  It’s only one of the best experiences of your high school years.”  She droned.

“Mom, please.”

 “I only say it cause I love you honey.  I don’t want you to regret not going.  I’m sure JD will still be willing to take you.”

“Mom, he has a date already anyway.  So don’t worry about me.  I’ve got plans of my own tonight.” I responded.

“Sure.” She said sarcastically.

“Goodbye mom.  I love you.” I stated halfheartedly.

“Say hi to JD and his folks for me.” My mom said giving me a hug goodbye.

“I will.”

“Love you!” She yelled to me as I left the house.

I smiled and waved back at her.

I started driving down the street to my destination.  I was on my way to JD’s house.  He wanted me to see him off to prom.  No matter how much I protested he insisted that I would be there.  He would not take no for an answer.  A few months before he even offered to take me but I refused.  I figured he would have more fun with someone he actually liked.

            I reached his house, got to the door and rang the bell.  It opened with a jolt.  There stood JD’s little brother Sam.  He was like a Minnie version of JD but a little more annoying.  He was fifteen years old and thought he was God’s gift to women.  He was the biggest flirt I had ever met. 

“Hey sweet thang!” He said trying to give me the sexiest look he could muster up.  It was actually more amusing than anything else.  He always tried way too hard.

“Hey, Sam.  What’s wrong with your face?” I asked curiously trying to knock down his ego a bit before his head exploded.

He looked at me with a slight trace of disappointment.  Then he smiled. “As much as you keep throwing those punches, my heart will always burn for you my love!”  With that said, he disappeared into the kitchen.

He was so completely overdramatic.  I loved every minute of it.  He was like my comic relief for the day every time I saw him.  We had a love/ hate relationship.  He would try to love me and I would always shoot him down.  It was all in good fun though.  I loved the kid.  He was like the little brother I never had.

            Through my thoughts I heard someone clear their throat trying to get my attention.  I looked up the stairs to where the noise was heard and their he was.  JD looked good as always.  He had on a black tuxedo.  It was simple and on him was perfect.  He smiled at me as he descended the stairs.  I couldn’t help but smiled back.

“Well look at you all hansomey.” I declared.

“Well thank you, I try.” He spoke modestly.  Then his smile faded as he looked into my eyes. “I really wish you would just come.  You know I would drop my date in a heart beat to take you instead.  How am I suppose have fun without my best friend at my side?” He rambled.

“JD,” I interrupted, “you can’t back out on your date.  That would be wrong and mean.”

“Yea I guess.” He stated disappointed.

“I’ve made my decision.  Don’t worry so much.  You’ll have fun without me.  You could even call me if you want afterwards and tell me all about it.  I’ll experience it vicariously through you.”  I reassured him.

“Ok.” He hesitated.  He just accepted it and gave me a big bear hug.

I heard someone else come in the room as JD let me go.

“Hey Sophie, how are you sweetie?”  JD’s mom, Sara, asked as she hugged me.

“I’m good Sarah, just hanging in there as always.” 

She gave me a look as if she was going to say something else.  Then she glanced quickly at JD and stopped herself.  She was probably going to ask me about the prom thing.  I told JD earlier to please not let anyone else talk to me about the subject.  I heard enough about it from my mother.  

“So what do you think?” Sarah asked as she motioned to her son.

“He looks really good.”  I proclaimed proudly.

Just then, everyone turned to look out the window except me.  I was lost in my own thoughts.  As I looked at my best friend, I thought about everything that we had been through together.  Knowing each other since third grade was a long time.  We had been through scraped knees, broken bones, and a lot of broken hearts.  He was the only person that ever really got me.  We knew each other in and out.  Through all the years no one ever broke us apart and we had been each others everything.  We were partners in crime always.

My thoughts were interrupted as I got nudged by a little annoying thorn in my side.  I turned around to see Sam smiling at me with an evil little grin.  He wiggled his eyebrows at me.  I looked at him with disgusted and smacked him in his arm.  He just laughed it off.

            I turned around to see JD and both his parents taking pictures and wishing him luck for prom night.  Apparently the limo got there when I was lost in all my thoughts.  When they were done they all said their goodbyes.

            JD came to me last.  He put his hands on my shoulders and said, “You sure?”

I smiled at him and nodded, yes.

He accepted my wishes and gave me a quick hug.  Then he was off to have the time of his life.

            As much as I denied that it did not bother me that I was not going to prom, as I watched JD walk out the door to the limo I instantly regretted it.  I had to just put it to the back of my mind and deal.  There was no going back now.

            I said my goodbyes to JD’s family a little while after he left.  Then I was on my way back home to my boring night alone.  

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