Friday, June 21, 2013

New Beginning

After every end there is a new beginning.  Time to push forward and be happy.  It's scary but it's suppose to be.  Change is a good thing.  I think it's about time I make it the greatest decision of my life at this point.  No more negativity.  No more losing focus on what really matters.  No more letting other people bring you down.  I want to believe that what's meant to be will be.  So here's hoping.  After today I am going to take a deep breath and let everything go.  Start fresh.  Stop saying I am going to do this or that but actually do it.  I have to stop compromising myself for situations I have no control over.  Focus on living life and being happy with myself.  If I don't do that I will never be happy.  I realize that now.  Hopefully I could make moves to change that.  Don't hold back.  Be strong. 

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