Friday, May 24, 2013

The Story I Wrote

I was looking back at the story I wrote, Through Sophie's Eyes.  I realized it's strangely ironic that this story is somewhat unfolding in my real life right now.  It doesn't have every detail, of course, but it's pretty damn close.  Only the real life version may not have a happy ending.  The ending is still pending.  Why does everything have to be so complicated?  It's a lot more simple than everyone makes it.  You love somebody, they love you back, you take that chance and be together. 

I know what I want but does he?  I will sit here and question every single detail about every single thing that goes on.  But I will never know the answers because he doesn't tell me anything.  Give it time they say.  See how it pans out they say.  It will all work out the way it's suppose to they say.  Patience may be a virtue but honestly how long can a person wait before they completely go mad. 

All I know about the situation is that it's hard to find what me and this friend have.  Everyone should be able to fall in love with their best friend.  Now I am not saying I am IN love with my best friend but at this moment it's pretty damn close.  But I don't think he feels the same way.  He cares about me but he's "confused."  Go figure.

Anyways back to my point about how everyone should fall in love with their best is why.
It's simple. Stating the obvious, they are your BEST FRIEND.  You can talk to them about anything.  They know you inside out.  They accept you for who you are.  They know your every flaw, every pet peeve, just every part of you and still stick around.  They know how to deal with you.  They know when your sad or happy.  They know how to make you laugh.  They know how to annoy you. They know when to fight with you or when to back off and leave you alone.  They know how to work it out with you.  They get you.  They understand you.  They encourage you, believe in you, and genuinely love you.  I can go on and on and on but you get the point.

I want somebody to love.  I want someone to be happy with.  I want someone to laugh with and cry with.  I want someone to fight with and make up with.  Someone that will accept me for every inch of me.  Someone to love unconditionally.  I want to tell someone I love you without any hesitation. And I want them to feel the same way about me.  I want a future, a family, and a messy but great life to share with someone.  Where can I find that?  I was hoping it was already here but again it's still pending.

Love is finding someone you can tolerate for the rest of your life.

Wish me luck and good luck to you as well.

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